About parodontax

The maker of parodontax is experienced in gum health. Why? Because parodontax helps stop and prevent bleeding gums*.

Bleeding gums can be an early sign of gum disease and the parodontax range is formulated to keep gums healthy, teeth strong and breath fresh. 

*By aiding plaque removal. Consult your dentist for more information about gum problems. 

Our History

parodontax has a long history of protecting gum health. parodontax toothpaste was developed in 1937. The original formulation, based on sodium bicarbonate for its cleaning properties, still forms the basis of parodontax toothpaste today.




Our Science

As a leader in the field of gum health we continually carry out clinical research to deepen our knowledge and understanding of what keeps gums healthy and how to combat gum disease. We put science at the heart of everything we do in order to develop the most effective products to keep gums healthy and teeth strong. 



How parodontax daily toothpaste works

parodontax toothpaste is formulated to help target the cause of bleeding gums. Its formula with sodium bicarbonate works to break up plaque bacteria that can irritate gums causing them to bleed. With twice daily brushing, parodontax toothpaste aids plaque removal and helps stop and prevent bleeding gums*.

*Consult your dentist for more information about gum problems.


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